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Finnish Equestrian Co - FEC

Spur Straps and Protectors Finnish Equestrian Co

Normaalihinta €75,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €75,00 EUR
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Spur Straps and Protectors Finnish Equestrian Co

Beautiful cowhide spur straps and soft elk leather protectors to save your boots from marks. Brown set has solid brass hardware to achieve a classic and elegant look. The black set hardware is nickeled solid brass.



FEC Spur Straps and Protectors

Colours: Mocha (dark brown) and Black

Material: Straps 100% Cowhide and Protectors 100% Elk Leather both with solid brass hardware

Handmade in Finland.

Size:  One Size

Product Nr.: FECSPU

Price: 75,00 (incl. 24% vat)

Care instructions: Regular greasing will keep the leather soft and supple helping it age beautifully. The straps will darken in use and when greased.

(Please note that the spurs are not included.)




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