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Prestige X-Breath estesatula

Normaalihinta €3.590,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €3.590,00 EUR
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Prestige X-Breath



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“X-BREATH”, Prestige’s show-jumping line of saddles, is now graced by a new addition: “CHAMPION”. Striking in appearance, it features a number of aesthetic innovations. The shape of the flaps and skirts is squarer and the opening in the centre of the seat, previously oval, now is in the form of a trapezium. For the colour accents you can choose among all the options already offered for the other versions of the X-BREATH model, as follows: 1) leather keeper on the flap to match with the channel between the panels
2) back of the cantle to match with the leather insert on the flap.
The saddle can also be liveried in the colours of the rider’s national flag. Customisation can be taken one step further: a number or a name, up to a maximum of 3 digits or letters, may be chosen for stitching in white colour onto the flap. The overall effect makes for an look that is racy and captivating. The sizes and the technical features are those of the traditional X-BREATH version. CHAMPION is also available in a single-flap “K” version

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