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Equestrian Stockholm - ES

Equestrian Stockholm Fleece Bandage Desert Rose

Normaalihinta €59,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €59,00 EUR
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Equestrian Stockholm Fleece bandage Desert Rose

Casual meets style!

Myydään 4 pintelin paketissa

Väri: Desert Rose

Koko: 4 m

Materiaali: Anti-pilling Fleece

Pesuohje: Pesu 30°,  kiinnitä tarrat ennen pesua, ei rumpukuivausta


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Exclusive fleece bandages in a beautiful beige design with silver and pink/beige details. Style with the saddle pad from our Desert Rose or Pink collection to complete the elegant look. The fleece bandages are decorated with a silver Equestrian Stockholm badge. Sold in sets of four.


Material: Anti-pilling fleece
Color: Beige
Detail color: Pink/beige
Metal badge: Silver ES badge
Length: 4 m
Washing: Wash at 30°. Attach velcro closure backwards before machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

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