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Prestige D2 koulusatula X-D2D

Normaalihinta €4.890,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €4.890,00 EUR
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Prestige X-D2 D

Muotoiltu ohut istuin, villatopattu, honeycomb paneelit

Paljon eri nahka ja mallivaihtoehtoja.

Koesatulana meiltä löytyy 16" ja 17"

Istuin koko: 16-18"
Leveydet: M-L
Väri: Musta tai Ruskea

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Monica puh 040 561 8222
Toimitusaika: tiedustele

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The saddle has a “unisex” tree, the first Dressage tree that makes it very comfortable for both male and female riders. It is offered with a stitching pattern and patent leather inserts that visually enhance the special features of this model (“pure” version, with no stitching and patent leather inserts on the cantle, available upon request). The technical features and feeling for the rider remain unchanged when compared to the previous versions: the back of the seat towards the cantle is significantly wider when compared to traditional Dressage saddles; the tree contains two enlarged membranes, obtained by applying the OTI (“Over Tree Injection”) technological procedure. The blocks are anatomically shaped for the horse. The front girth straps are secured using a heavy duty elastic, while the rear ones determine the balance of the saddle. The panels are shaped in the front to give unmatched freedom to the shoulders. The panels are also wider along their entire length to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly in a reduced space. The three withers sizes fit all horses. The saddle must be used with the 3F021 - Trapezium Pad for a perfect fit.


ColourBlack Tobacco London (only for Elite)


Size: 16”, 17”, 18”

Depth: Very deep

Width: 29 cm

Withers sizeS (fits up to a 32 tree size), M (fits a 33 and 34 tree sizes), L (fits 35 tree size and over)

Flaps - projections-2 cm, Standard, +2 cm

Flaps - lengthXS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

FlapDouble flap

PanelsLPF Flocked

LeatherElite (*)Calfskin leatherLux(*) only in London: double oiled calfskin

Weight6,9 Kg