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Carr & Day & Martin - CDM

Carr&Day&Martin Stain Master kuivashampoo

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Stain Master Kuivashampoo
Nyt kätevässä uudessa pullossa

Aivain loistava tuote pitämään hevosesi puhtaana :)
Erityisesti kimoille ta valkoisille sukille.

Koko: 600 ml

Nyt huipputuote pitämään hevosesti puhtaana.....Älä anna kuran lannistaa!


Unbeatable for removing green spots and stable stains

Ideal for removing dirt and manure stains with no need to rinse. Fantastic for last minute show touch ups as an ‘on the spot’ brightener for white markings. Stain Master can also be used as a dry shampoo when it’s too cold to bath.


Spray directly onto stains, or apply with a cloth to the face area. Massage with a damp sponge or cloth and wipe. Results are immediate

Size: 600ml

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