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Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra hyönteisloimi

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Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra hyönteisloimi

The Buzz-Off Zebra range of fly, insect and UV protective products are made from a specially developed light weight fine mesh fabric with Zebra print. This mesh blocks even the smallest of insects and reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation.
Research has discovered that flies hate the Zebra stripes as they find it confusing and so steer clear of them!
The Buzz-Off Full Neck Zebra rug provides protection of the body and neck of the horse. The innovative belly pad ensures that the rug is kept in place at the same time as it protects the belly of the horse.
The Buzz-Off Zebra fly mask can be used with the Buzz-Off Zebra rug or on its own and provides excellent protection and is held securely with an adjustable elasticated strap.
• The overlapping, padded and lined front provides superb comfort and protection
• The unique elasticated and detachable belly pad gives protection to the belly of the horse and also helps to stabilise the rug in position
• Shoulder darts ensure an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room
• Soft nylon lining of the shoulder area to prevent rubbing
• The tail flap gives additional protection to the tail
• Attachments for leg straps
Black & white zebra stripes

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Rug: 85 – 170 3’6” – 7’2” 42” – 86”