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Bates -Arena - Wintec

Bates Innova Mono Cair koulusatula

Normaalihinta €3.595,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €3.595,00 EUR
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Bates Innova Mono Cair koulusatula

-Yksinkertainen siipi ja syvä istunta, saat läheisen kontaktin hevoseesi
-Eronomiset ja säädettävät jalustinhihnojen koukut
-Säädettävät FlexiContourbloc-tuet
-luonnollisen joustava ja ylellinen tupla Opulence-nahka.

Tästä satulasta saat muokattua hetkessä sinulle ja hevosellesi täsmälleen istuvan satulan.

Värit: ruske tai musta
Koot: 0 , 1 , 2 (16,5"-18")
Satulan leveys: Muokattavissa

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For you, the rider: Ultra Close Contact, Comfort, Position and Communication


    • The innovative mono flap design ensures unrivalled close contact, improved connection and communication.
    • Features a comfortable, deep seat that works in partnership with the revolutionary external FlexiContourbloc, which is anatomically contoured and is adjustable, making it distinctly unique.
    • The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar has been designed to reduce the bulk under your leg and can be easily re-positioned by simply lifting the catch and sliding the bar to suit the rider’s individual position.


For your horse: Comfort, Stability, Fit, Communication


    • Fluid cushioning for your horse’s working muscles that eliminates pressure points and distributes your weight evenly over the full bearing surface of your saddle. Even weight distribution promotes blood flow through to your horse's muscles for greater development and increased performance.
    • Quilted panel points enable a closer more comfortable fit of the panel behind your horse’s shoulders.
    • The Running Y-Girthing System offers the ability to achieve even pull from the front and rear of your saddle, increasing your horse’s comfort and saddle stability.

The magic is in the detail...

Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar


The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar allows effortless horse and rider alignment to be achieved by altering the position of the stirrup bar, enabling you complete control over your preferred riding position. The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar can be easily repositioned by simply lifting the catch and sliding the bar to suit your individual position. The bar should then be secured by pressing down firmly on the catch and locking the bar into place.


Moveable FlexiContourbloc


Anatomically contoured to your leg allowing you to ride in and behind the knee block to support your individual position for maximised comfort and security. The FlexiContourbloc can be moved forwards, backwards, or on the precise angle to mirror your individual riding position. To adjust, simply loosen the screws on the underside, then tighten once you have found your desired position.


Performance Panel


All Bates saddles feature a generous panel, designed to ensure a large ‘footprint’ on your horse’s back, maximising the weight bearing surface of your saddle and resulting in a reduction in pressure and increased comfort for your horse. Coupled with a wide and even chamber, the performance panels support your horse’s working muscles and maximise their movement in the shoulder area.