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Acavallo Geelipadi satulankohottaja edestä

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Acavallo Geelipadi satulankohottaja edestä

Geeli joka kohottaa satulan edestä ja pitää satulan paremmin paikalla.
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Väri: Musta



The Acavallo Gel front riser is a partial pad particularly suited to horses with high withers or that have lost muscle and bulk at the top of the shoulder and below the wither.

The Classic Gel Acavallo, material with which it is composed, is highly cushioning and anatomically designed to adapt to the saddle and back of the horse in order to relieve pressure.
The grip of the Gel also avoids the slightest movement of the saddle in any direction.

The Acavallo Gel front riser has a depth in the center that allows to avoid an increase in pressure on the horse’s withers and a cells structure which ensures that the main areas are compensated.

Basically this partial pad can be positioned above any pad, but their perfect combination is obtained if placed on a Acavallo Gel pad.

The Acavallo® Classic Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively in contact with the skin, characteristics that allow the pad to be used directly in contact with it.


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