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Bombers Weymouth kankikuolain

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Bombers Weymouth kankikuolain.
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Bombers Weymouth 55 kankikuolainta löytyy paremmin varastostamme

Blue Iron
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The Weymouth, or curb bit, in a double bridle consists of a mouthpiece with shanks and a curb chain.

The Weymouth works on several parts of a horse’s head and mouth. The bit mouthpiece acts on the bars, tongue and roof of the mouth. The shanks add leverage and place pressure on the poll via the crownpiece of the bridle, to the chin groove via the curb chain, and, especially with a “loose jaw” shank, may act on the sides of the mouth and jaw.

Supplied with English Curb Chain and hooks.

The Happy Tongue Straight is a solid mouth bit which is ported to relieve tongue pressure but is not curved. This makes it slightly harsher than the curved Happy Tongue. The Happy Tongue Straight complies with FEI requirements.

Weymouth Happy Tongue Straight
Breed Mouth Width 1 4
Bit Adjustment 2 Bit Width 3 4
Arab 115 mm (4½”) 0 mm + 0 mm 115 mm (4½”)
Austrailian Stock Horse 120 mm (4¾”) 120 mm (4¾”)
American Quarter Horse 120 mm (4¾”) 120 mm (4¾”)
Thoroughbred (15h-15.3h) 120 mm (4¾”) 120 mm (4¾”)
Thoroughbred (16h+) 125 mm (5″) 125 mm (5″)
Warmblood 125 mm (5″) 125 mm (5″)
Large Warmblood 130 mm (5⅛”) 130 mm (5⅛”)
Other MMS MMS + 0 mm
1 The measured width of a horse’s mouth (from corner to corner with no wrinkles) rounded up to the nearest 5mm. These are typical values for the breed. MMS = Measured Mouth Size. Click here for more information on measuring your horse’s mouth
2 Factors to be added to the measured width of a horse’s mouth to ensure the bit width is calculated correctly. This varies depending on the mouthpiece and cheekpiece of the bit. Fixed cheek pieces do not require any additional width to be added to the measured width of the horse’s mouth. A fixed mouth piece does not require any additional width to be added to the measured width of the horse’s mouth.
3 The width of the bit for a optimal fit, taking into account its components and the width of the horse’s mouth. If calculating a bit width based upon a previously purchased Bomber bit, please make sure all relevant adjustments for differences in cheek and mouth pieces are adhered too.
4 Measurements in inches are approximate.


115 mm, 125 mm, 135 mm


12/08, 14/10


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