Kaikki hevos-, hoito- ja ratsastustarvikkeet netistä

NATHALIE Horse Care is a line of care and grooming products for horses. The products are developed in close collaboration with Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, and produced and manufactured by Persano Group A/S, Denmark. The products meet the highest quality standards in both content and effect.

Selected products in the range are manufactured with special regard to health, quality and environment, and have been marked the Nordic Ecolabel as a sign of their high quality. NATHALIE Foal Shampoo is not only marked with the Nordic Eco Label, it is also the first care product for horses labelled in cooperation with Asthma-Allergy Denmark. Thus, the interests of horse owner/groom are in focus as the risks of allergic reactions are minimised.

All products are manufactured with the highest possible levels of organic content.

All products are labelled with a detailed list of ingredients.

All products are regularly controlled according to the FEI doping lists.