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Uvex CRX 700 talviratsastuskäsine

Normaalihinta €27,40 EUR
Normaalihinta €54,90 EUR Myyntihinta €27,40 EUR
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Uvex CRX 700 talviratsastuskäsine

Kestävä, hyvin istuva ja hyvän pidon omaava käsine, tarrakiinnitys ranteessa ja vahvistukset tekevät niistä ylivertaiset


Koot: 8-8,5
Väri:  Musta

An all-rounder for the stormy season: using a range of high-quality functional materials, these gloves combine all of the characteristics that any rider could want in autumn and winter. Thanks to Schoeller® soft shell, the new uvex riding gloves are your ideal companion in wind, wetness and the cold – both in the stable and in the saddle.

Moisture control, heat retention, wind and water repellent – thanks to the Schoeller® soft shell fabric, uvex crx 700 gloves are true all-rounders. The multi-layered fabric used on the outside of the new outdoor riding gloves is both breathable as well as wind and water repellent, ensuring that your hands stay dry even in wet weather, while sweat is effectively transported to the outside. Do your fingers get cold in the stable? Thanks to the Schoeller® soft shell fabric, the gloves are also the ideal solution: on the inside, i.e. the side facing the skin, the fleece material is treated so that it feels lovely and soft and offers great comfort, on the one hand, and excellent thermal retention properties on the other. 

The functional materials used on the palm ensure high functionality while riding: the gloves adapt like a second skin thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric used. The abrasion-resistant PU material on the palm ensures excellent grip on the reins, even in damp weather, along with high durability. The reflective print also enhances the visibility of horse and rider off-road and in traffic. Like all uvex equestrian gloves, uvex crx 700 gloves are touchscreen compatible and washable.

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